We are making a powerful documentary about the poet Pablo Neruda. We need your help.

Red Poppy is dedicated to promoting the power of Latin American poetry to evoke emotions and foster social consciousness. Our current priority is completing a groundbreaking documentary film on the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. His faith in the “poet’s obligation” to use poetry to bear witness to injustice and promote progressive social change inspires our work.

Please donate to our project and help us complete this important, grassroots film. Every contribution makes a difference; it all adds up.  You’ll also receive great gifts as our thanks to you. Become a part of the movement to share Pablo’s poetry and story with the world: donate now, por favor.

Red Poppy is also working on other projects, including a multilingual anthology of Latin American "Poetry in Resistance". We’re working with teachers to design lesson plans for all grade levels as part of our outreach campaign to schools that will come with the completion of the documentary. Other projects are in the works.

Please become a supporter and help make this happen. Red Poppy is a 501(c)3. All donations, minus the basic cost of any gift received, are US tax-deductible.